What if I complete more than one step in a single meeting?

For example, I go to a first meeting with a prospect and walk out with an order.

Because you reach a certain stage in the buying process successfully, you should assume that you have completed all of the critical steps that normally lead to that achievement. In the example, therefore, you should count the following Selling Activities at the end of that meeting: 1x Meeting, 1x Opportunity, 1x Presentation, and 1x Deal.

What if I am turned away by the customer? 

For example, you have sent a Pre-approach email to a Lead and when you made the Call for the 1st meeting, in spite of your best effort, she refused to see you.
Always count the selling activities you have clearly completed. In this example, then, count: 1x Pre-approach, 1x Call. (If you didn’t send a Pre-approach, and were turned away on the Call, then only count 1x Call).

I completed several meetings, involving many rounds of qualifying or “needs discovery” discussions, perhaps several presentations, by multiple people (myself and colleagues) before I secured an order. What should I count?

Upscale is about your performance on things you have control over. Therefore, only count your own selling activities, and count them as you complete them. That means, in this example, you should count the meetings and presentations you completed (and not those completed by colleagues or others). This might look like:

Monday = 1x Meeting 
Tuesday = 2x Meetings, 1x Presentation.
Wednesday = 1x Presentation (which included a verbal agreement but no contract)
Thursday = 1x Meeting, 1x Deal.
Total of 7 Selling Activities on various dates.

Which activities should I count and which should I ignore? 

Always count your own completed Selling Activities. That is, if you complete one of the steps above, regardless of the outcome of that step, then count it. 

For example (1): You spoke to the prospect at a party and attempted to arrange an appointment for the next day to discuss business – whether you succeeded in securing the appointment or not, count this as: 1x Pre-approach, 1x Call. 

Example (2): You made three Presentations before the customer finally declined to proceed. Count 3x Presentations.
If, on the other hand, instead of declining, the customer agreed to proceed AND subsequently signed an order. In this case, add 1x Deal to the 3x Presentations.

The more complete and accurate your Selling Activities record is the better Upscale will be able to help you improve your performance and achieve greater results.

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