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The Counsellor Salesperson

Just one element of the Counsellor Selling programme, CSP is a two-day workshop designed to help you build long-term, win-win customer relationships. Learn to develop a mindset that sees the purpose of selling as “solving the buyer’s problems”. The program is built around a 4-step consultative, solution selling process where you develop the skills to overcome the four buying barriers – “no trust”, “no need”, “no help” and “no support”. Perfect for both B2B and B2C sales professionals.

Attend this workshop and learn how to:

  • Use questioning and listening skills to explore a buyer’s needs
  • Communicate how the buyer’s problem can be solved
  • Build strong lasting win-win relationships
  • Confidently address objections and close the sale! Read more…

Building Relationship Versatility

In this 2-day workshop participants learn how to recognise other ‘social styles’, enabling them to adjust their communication approach and achieve more effective, comfortable and persuasive business relationships. By understanding how to adjust their approach in any given situation, they become ‘versatile and successful communicators’. Ideal for managers at all levels, salespeople and negotiators, and anyone who works collaboratively with other people.

Attend this workshop and learn how to:

  • Communicate more effectively and persuasively in the workplace
  • Better understand your own and other people’s behavioural style
  • Experience less frustration with poor or stressful communication

The Leader Manager

This 2 day course will show you how to create the conditions for both performance and fulfillment. Based on the most current knowledge of how leadership and management integrate, the workshop gives middle and senior managers/executives the know-how to effectively both lead their organisations and manage their businesses.

Attend this workshop and learn how to:

  • Understand what motivates sustained performance in your business
  • Answer the five core questions that your staff are asking each other
  • Create a work environment that both engages and satisfies employees so they will contribute 100% to their roles and responsibilities


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Calendar & Fees


August 2014

Monday 4th – Tuesday 5th:

The Counsellor Salesperson (Sydney)


Wednesday 6th – Thursday 7th: 

Building Relationship Versatility (Sydney)


November 2014

Monday 10th – Tuesday 11th: 

The Counsellor Salesperson (Sydney)


Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th: 

Building Relationship Versatility (Sydney)


 2015 Calendar

We are currently arranging the 2015 series of public workshops in New Zealand. Check back here for details.

NEW IN 2015 – the Insurance version of Counsellor Selling will be coming to a city near you!.


Fee: NZ$1645 + GST

This includes all course materials for one participant as well as snacks and lunch. Travel & Accommodation not included.

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Note: The viability of public workshops depends upon having sufficient participants to create a valuable learning experience. For this reason, it may be necessary to postpone or cancel a scheduled workshop. Our terms and conditions are available on this site.