As Wilson Learning says, “Your employees are the cornerstone of your business; they’re the source of innovation, new advances, efficiencies and, ultimately, customer engagement.” Workforce development is essential. Do your employees have the mindset, urgency, skills, tools, and capability to achieve the organization’s goals, while delivering value to customers? 

What do you need your people to do, and do exceptionally well, if you are to compete and win every day? If it’s balancing the books or designing a machine then that’s not us. But if any of those things involve working with other people, then we can definitely build your team’s capabilities with sustainable behaviour change and performance improvement.

Some of the competencies we are proven providers of include:

  • Communication – face to face, ear to ear, in meetings, on teams, with customers and suppliers, with managers, across cultural boundaries…
  • Presentation – to groups of customers, colleagues, executives, the Board, to supplier groups, partners, government…
  • Negotiation – with suppliers, with customers, with unions, with regulators, with contractors…
  • Performance Coaching – peer to peer, leader to team member…
  • Meetings – structuring and leading them for maximum outputs, no waste, and positive sentiments…


Technology Company Improves Client Interactions 

of More Than 700 Technical Professionals

Business issue:

A global technology organisation has a large population of technical consultants. The consultants are extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in product knowledge, but lack the skills necessary to work consultatively with their clients. The firm decided to take action to increase the people skills of their highly skilled consultants.


This company implemented The Consultative Process (a Wilson Learning programme available in NZ through us) to teach technical consultants how to build client relationships and develop compelling solutions aligned to their clients’ needs.


The programme is in high demand across the technology organisation. More than 700 consultants on four continents have strengthened their interpersonal skills and are better equipped to meet their clients’ business needs.


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