Interpreting My Starter Dashboard

The Efficiency Dashboard.

The Efficiency Dashboard tells you how much of each type of work (selling activity) you’re doing and whether your work rate is increasing or decreasing. 

  1. This indicates whether you are fulfilling your own (and perhaps your manager’s) performance expectations.

  2. It also offers you warning signs, so it’s important. Your work rate may have slowed without you realising it – due to distractions, weariness, or conflicting priorities – but Upscale will tell you. If a GREEN indicator for a particular Selling Activity changes to ORANGE or even to RED, this tells you that your work rate in that activity type has slowed down considerably. Ask yourself, Why? Did I plan to slow down? How will a lesser work rate in that activity affect the whole of my sales performance? For example, a slow down in Presentations may mean disappointed customers waiting for you to offer them solutions, which also means fewer deals and a reduction of sales results.

  3. Using the “Traffic Light” indicators… For each Selling Activity (one per line), if the coloured spot or “traffic light” in the middle is GREEN, this means your activity rate in the last six weeks is greater than the average over the last 12 months. Keep increasing your activity rate until you are sure you’re working at your optimal level of work.

  4. If the traffic light is ORANGE, this means you’re operating (over the last six weeks anyway) at around about the same activity rate as your average over the last year. Is that what you want? Or do you have spare capacity that you’re not using? Can you do more? Should you be doing more, especially at the top of the selling process? Make it happen and watch the indicator. If it changes to RED, then you’re slowing down. Conversely, if it turns GREEN, then you are being more efficient with your time.

  5. If the traffic light is RED, this means you’re slowing down your activity rate. The average in the last six weeks is less than the last 12 months. 

  6. Watch carefully the balance of your selling activities. That is, if you slow your activity rate in the top of the dashboard (Capturing Leads, doing Pre-Approaches and Calls) it will in time slow your rate in the bottom of the dashboard because you’ll not have the Meetings and Opportunities to Present to.

  7. Correspondingly, any increase in the rate at the top of the dashboard should – if you maintain your effectiveness – lead in time to a boost in the bottom, with Presentations and Deals resulting from the more Leads and Opportunities.

Upscale is all about coaching you towards optimal sales success. And so, if you have a question about how to use the feedback provided in your Upscale Starter Dashboard, check out the FAQ section

To benefit fully from all that Upscale can offer you, consider ugrading to Upscale Pro by going to My Account and selecting Upgrade to Upscale Pro.