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Are your business leaders just managing business processes or are they growing the business? Are they one-dimensional, even two-dimensional, or are they world class four dimensional leaders?

Today’s best leaders are in fact excellent in four dimensions simultaneously: 

  1. Modifying their own behaviour to meet the concerns and expectations of others while maintaining a resilient mindset. Relating effectively to people of other cultures.
  2. Managing the details of business processes.
  3. Leading a team to alignment and the self-belief that creates high performance and fulfillment/engagement. 
  4. Coaching individual team members to consistent high performance with fulfillment, and peak performance when required.

A four dimensional business leader is a Versatile-Leader-Manager-Coach, or “VLMC”. And that’s the kind of leaders we will develop for you.


New! Over $17 Million in Revenue Attributed to 

an Elite High-Potential Development Programme

Business Issue:

After facing increased competitive pressures and becoming highly dependent on their talented staff, a global communications and media corporation initiated a talent development programme. The organisation knew their employees made the difference with customers, and in order to retain their market position and grow, they must invest and accelerate development in the next generation of high-potential leaders.


After a comprehensive needs analysis, a set of leadership competencies were identified. The firm partnered with Wilson Learning to design and implement a five-day programme for an elite group of high potentials throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America. The programme addressed leadership competencies focused on improving communications, productivity, innovation and creativity, relationship building, strategic thinking, and talent management. The programme was designed using content from several programmes, including Leading from Within, Building Relationship Versatility, Managing Styles in Conflict, Leading for Growth™, Negotiating to Yes, and Strategic Business Calling. The solution included pre- and post-work, as well as ongoing group-based coaching and mentoring to ensure understanding of the relevance and application of newly acquired skills to participants’ jobs.


Participants attributed over $17 million in revenue to the skills they learned in the programme. Over 70% of participants indicated improved interpersonal relationships with their staff and clients.


Client story:

“My leading style was previously to do everything for my team which I thought would make them happy, but instead they were unhappy and I was exhausted. I couldn’t figure out how to change it without trying to be someone I wasn’t. 

The tools and insights in GOL’s  The Leader Manager programme allowed me to create two-way dialogue with my staff and transform the behaviours and productivity of my department.”
– Michelle, Auckland.


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