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We have finally cracked the code… We’ve discovered how to develop sustained learning and long-lasting performance change! Training does work after all – if it’s done right. We can show you how.


We Improve Salesperson Performance

The world’s best salespeople no longer sell. They help your customers buy. Buy the way they want to buy. Buy repeatedly and give you referrals to other hot prospects who want to buy.

But, maybe your sales managers are stuck in the 1990’s way of selling. And all they ask the salesperson about is whether they’ve closed enough deals this week to keep their job. If that’s the case, then your company is way out of step with the rest of the world, and with all of your customers. It’s time to catch up and even pass your competitors, and we can help you do that. 

So how can you get your salesperson or sales team to perform better?

  1. First, hire only mentally tough & resilient people. We have the tools to help you select them. Train your existing salesforce with learned optimism.
  2. Then, focus on developing the skill of Versatility in all your salespeople and sales managers.
  3. Next, build genuine, sustainable best practice in sales and sales management. For salespeople that means helping people buy (which is very different from selling), and for sales managers that means adopting the mindset, skills and habits of a Coach. 
  4. Finally, reward your whole sales organisation more on the basis of doing the right things (less on the results), and the results will astound you!

Whether it’s The Counsellor Salesperson, The Versatile Salesperson, The Resilient Salesperson, or Advanced Selling Skills for B2B Sales Professionals, we have the world’s best programmes to develop your sales team. And we have the matching Sales Manager’s Programme to support this new way of “selling”.

Let us help you increase your gross profits through improved sales performance.


New! High Tech Company Equips Salesforce to Sell at Executive Level

Business Issue:

A large high tech company recognised that their salespeople needed to call higher, wider, and deeper in order to achieve the sales growth they desired.


The firm implemented the Wilson Learning Sales Advantage Series, which teaches advanced sales strategies and techniques to experienced salespeople. In the workshop, salespeople learned how to communicate credibly with executives and develop solutions that add value to the customer’s business.


Three months after the workshop, 75% of participants reported they were calling at an executive level, as compared to 29% prior to attending the session. As a result of the workshop, 94% of participants identified new opportunities and 62% said they closed one new opportunity.


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