High Performing Operational Managers Create a Culture of Engagement

Engagement. The word is on many HR Managers lips these days. Indeed, engagement has been dissected, defined and measured. But still the challenge remains: How to develop and increase employee engagement.

Having analysed and validated the best studies of engagement, and interviewed many business leaders and other experts, Wilson Learning came to the realisation that, rather than creating engagement, successful leaders create certain conditions which, in turn, inspire engagement. And so, while everyone else was focusing on measuring it, and struggling to create it, we developed methods of producing and increasing it.

The leader’s role is to actively and intentionally work to create a culture of engagement“, wrote the programme’s co-designer, Tom Roth, C.O.O. of Wilson Learning Worldwide.

Our research tells us there are three levels of effective leadership and management in any medium or large operation. Each requires development with particular competency and perspective. One size of training does not fit all. Have you read our latest white paper “Employee Engagement – The Leader’s Role?

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