Quick Reminders

Lead – Name and contact details of a new prospect you have been given or you have discovered for yourself. Includes phone-ins, direct mail and advertising contacts, or referrals. All should be included, whether you have contacted them or not.

Referral – A Lead which was given to you by a prospect or customer. that is, not collected by your own efforts or given by your company.

Call – When you speak to someone by voice or face to face about meeting together for a discussion about their needs and or your products, regardless of whether you secure an appointment or not.

Meeting – A discussion (usually face to face but not necessarily) with a new prospect or an existing customer when you attempt to discover a sales opportunity. Does not include presentations of solutions.

Opportunity – An agreed need and or want which your products and services could satisfy.

Presentation – When you were explained and advocated your products and services as a solution to a prospect’s needs and attempted to gain a buying decision.

Deal – A signed order or purchase agreement, regardless of whether it later completes or cancels.

Completion – A Deal that is paid for in part or in full and the “work” delivered.

Sale Value – The total value of the products and services included in a Deal. 

Earnings – Amount you will be paid for the Deal. Includes commission, bonus, special incentives but excludes income you will receive regardless of the sale, such as salary or business expenses.If you will receive it only because you made the sale, include it.