Quick Reminders

Lead – Name and contact details of a new prospect you have been given or you have discovered for yourself. Includes in-bound inquirers, leads generated by marketing activities, lead list you or your company has purchased, and referrals from other prospects or customers. Include all the leads you acquire from the day you begin using Upscale whether you have contacted them or not.

Referral – A Lead which was given to you by a prospect or customer.

Call – When you speak to someone by telephone, email or face to face about meeting together for a discussion about their needs and or your products, regardless of whether they agree to meet with you or not. 

Meeting – A discussion (usually face to face but not necessarily) with a prospect or customer in which you try to uncover a sales opportunity. Many salespeople call this an “interview” and it is that. You ask appropriate questions and listen to learn about the prospect’s current situation and their desired situation to identify a gap which is causing some personal or business “cost” – discomfort, performance shortfall, financial cost, etc. In Upscale, a “Meeting” is the interview whether or not you succeed in uncovering an opportunity.

Opportunity – An agreed need and or want which your products and services could potentially satisfy.

Presentation – When you explain and recommend your products and services as a solution to a prospect’s needs and ask for a buying decision.

Deal – The buying decision is in your favour and the prospect signs an order or purchase agreement.

Completion – A Deal that is paid for in part or in full and the “solution” has been delivered.

Sale Value – The total value of the products and services included in a Deal. 

Earnings – The “at risk” component of your income. That is, the amount you will be paid for the Deal. This may include commission, bonus, or special incentives but does not include your salary or any income you will receive even if you did not get the Deal.