Using Upscale Starter on My PC


  • Capturing a new Lead and adding Lead details
  • Adding selling activities
  • Getting technical help

Capturing a New Lead and Adding Lead details

When you capture a new lead on your mobile device, Upscale automatically creates a lead in the database. Because you only capture basic information about the new lead on your mobile, when you return to your PC you will find a lead already created but only some of the lead’s details. Upscale needs those other details to be able to give you the insight you’re looking for, so try to keep your lead information up to date. We have designed Upscale to minimise your work though so we have created drop-down menus and easy-to-use click-through systems to make the data management process painless and quick. You may wait until the end of the day or the end of the week to “catch up” on this simple and minimal data management task but don’t leave it any longer or the mountain will grow and you may never catch up. And while the lead data is missing, your Upscale dashboards and reports may be inaccurate or may even cease to function. 

Also at your PC, you can capture an entirely new lead by “Adding” a lead. Your Manager may give you leads in the office or your CRM system may generate new leads for you. You can use the quick and easy lead capture function in Upscale on either your PC or mobile device.

Upscale will soon offer you the option of integrating with your CRM system, if it is compatible. This feature will eliminate the need for entering lead data twice. But more about this when we release the new feature. 

Adding selling activities

On the same screen where you can add Lead information, you will also see lines relating to various selling activities. These lines were automatically created by Upscale every time you counted a selling activity on your mobile device. On your PC you can add further details about each activity. In particular it is important to associate each activity with a Lead. 

For example, if you clicked the + button several times on your mobile device to count 3 Pre-approaches, and 2 Meetings you will now find 3 new lines on the Selling Activities page on your PC under the heading of “Pre-approach”, and 2 new lines created under “Meetings”. Each line represents one activity and it requires you to add a couple more details for each. 

Firstly, and most importantly, allocate the activity to a Lead. Select the correct Lead from the drop down list. If you haven’t yet captured the Lead, do so first on the Lead Capture form. Use the drop down list of lead identifiers to find the person with whom you completed the activity. Then complete the other fields on that line. Repeat this process for each incomplete line.

Getting technical help

From time to time something appears to go wrong with any software system. When it does, you need to find a solution quickly. At Upscale we are committed to providing a reliable service and promise to attend to problems as quickly as possible to maintain consistent delivery of Upscale services. If you notice something weird about your Upscale, please contact us by email via the “Contact Us” page. We will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible.

Upscale has an FAQ page (frequently asked questions). That is the first place to look for answers but if your question is not answered there, then please contact us by email via the “Contact Us” page. 

Upscale is designed and built by salespeople for salespeople. That’s you! So we would welcome your feedback and ideas to improve the Upscale experience. Our vision is to create super-useful tools for sales professionals that will save them time and energy and make them more effective. So we’d love to have your suggestions from one sales pro to many others. Email us.

We wish you great success with Upscale!