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Since 2002, Growing Organisations has been doing HPI (Human Performance Improvement) with New Zealand companies. Working closely with you and your top team, we will analyse the current performance of your business, show you the true competency gaps that are holding you back, then develop and recommend a sound strategy for human performance improvement that will increase your people’s engagement and performance, improve your profit margins, and add value to your bottom line.

This is how we do that:

  1. We listen and get to know your business first – your context, your strategy and your business model. We want to align anything we do with your business so that it creates the best possible improvement to human performance. 
  2. We do some research. We identify the critical performance factors and measure the current competency of your people. We compare this with global standards and with your expectations to identify the knowledge, attitude and skill gaps.  
  3. Next we design a high-impact learning and development programme which will lead to a sustained improvement in human performance and business results. When you’re happy with the plan, then we execute it in collaboration with your own HR team. If you lack an effective HR team, or if they’re overloaded, we offer our expertise and systems to execute it for you.
  4. Finally, we measure what happens. At strategic points in the programme we measure the performance change so that course corrections can be made and outcomes can be maximised. And we keep you and your top team thoroughly informed and well-advised along the way.

In short, we work in partnership with your senior leadership team to ensure the best results for you and your business.

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