The biggest lever of business results is 

the performance of the people involved.

With over 30 years in the Human Performance Improvement business, we have refined and proven a unique, multi-disciplined approach to raising a company's over all performance through highly targeted, low-cost high-value initiatives, and we take accountability seriously by measuring and reporting the results. 

Our reputation is excellent and we want to keep it that way. And so we collaborate closely with your key decision-makers all the way through every project and we offer our advice as if to our own families.

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Our chief Organisational Performance Coach is Ross Wilson. 
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What we do best:

Growing Organisations is a consulting practice with a team of highly qualified and experienced professional advisers focused on Human Performance Improvement as arguably the most significant lever of business results. Our capability includes the abilities to:

  • Assess, measure and report current performance using world class analytical tools.
  • Pinpoint current gaps in critical competencies using behaviour-based assessments.
  • Custom design and delivery of high value performance improvement programmes, with impact evaluation.
  • Facilitate group processes, especially for strategic analysis and planning with Executives and their teams.
  • Deliver entertaining and educative keynote addresses at company or industry conferences.
  • Conduct valuation of the financial return on investments in learning & development initiatives - either estimates in anticipation, or actual after completion.
  • Design, activate and train HR professionals with time- and cost-efficient recruitment, retention and succession planning systems to improve the "fit" of all staff.
  • Audit employee engagement, and leadership effectiveness in employee engagement.
  • Coach Executives and senior managers.
  • Develop internal Feedforward coaching methods and systems.
  • Train and coach all employees, from Executive to operational leaders and sales teams, in mental toughness, versatile communication, cross-cultural influence, transformational leadership, and high-performance selling and sales management.



Our growing clientele includes: IBM, HP, BNZ, ANZ, Westpac, Suncorp-Metway, Nissan, Air NZ, Alliance Group, Westland Milk, Gough Caterpillar, Astra Zeneca, Merck, Cubic Defense, ABB, Tru-Test Group, Sealord Group, and more.

Tools & Technology:

We use the world's best tools and technology in our work with clients, including global brands such as:


Mental toughness to deal positively with adversity, and both Social Style Versatility and Cultural Versatility are the foundation stones of human performance in today's complex business environment.

Leadership is what makes things happen in a business. Leadership and team effectiveness depend on learned skills and proven practices. Leaders who lead from within are the most influential of all.

A high performing sales team is the heart of a business, pumping a strong and steady flow of revenue into circulation. Increasing revenue isn't simply a matter of adding more salespeople - it's a matter of improving the performance of the sales organisation you already have.

Every individual in a company needs a set of technical and inter-personal competencies. How do your people perform when problem-solving, presenting to groups, communicating with one another, negotiating agreements, or innovating new products and services?

Selecting and appointing people who fit your team, and providing the development and career pathways for each of them are challenges facing every company. The cost of mistakes is high and very disrupting. Get it right by using the right tools and processes.

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