SME Owners Programme

– Measurable Performance Transformation –

Did 2021 provide you
with uncertainty or opportunity?
Get it right in 2022.


If your business needs assistance or if your business needs to launch into a new phase of growth in 2022 then this programme could be right for you and your business.

Is this programme right
for my business?

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Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL

– What will you take away from the programme? –

SME Owners Programme

A well-conceived
promotion plan

– Reach the right customers –

SME Owners Programme

An easy & powerful
conversation process

– Increase sales with better communication –

SME Owners Programme

A high-performing team

– Increase productivity and delivery –

SME Owners Programme

A profitable business model

– Gain more financial freedom and leisure time –

… and so much more!

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Is this programme actually going to benefit my business?

  • Get access to professional business coaches to help grow your unique business at an affordable price.
  • Find the time and energy to focus on getting results in your business and taking the right actions.
  • Make your business work for you and have the accountability and support to make a measurable difference to the achievement of your business goals.
  • Be part of a network of passionate SME owners who ‘get it’ and who want you to succeed as much as you do. 

Get a FREE no obligation consultation to find out:

Next Steps:  Your business could be eligible for funding. Fill out the form and one of our consultants will get in touch to figure out if this programme will work for you. We will also answer any questions you have on funding for our programme.

Here’s What Others Say about Our Coaching…


“The road to success is always under construction…”

Meet Our Business Coaches

Our hugely experienced and qualified coaching team will be in your corner from Day 1 to actively support you through each level of personal and business growth.

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Ross Wilson

LinkedIn Profile

Ross brings more than 30 years of experience as a company director, business leader, award-winning learning and strategy facilitator, and business performance improvement adviser in a wide range of industries throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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Michelle Keating

LinkedIn Profile

Michelle brings her broad experience in team leadership, marketing, small business ownership, and workshop facilitation. As well as her strong organisational skills and sense of good process.

Kate Suhonen

Kate Suhonen

LinkedIn Profile

Kate brings a broad experience of the issues challenging business leaders. With more than 20 years global experience in HR, Training and Development, Health, Safety and Wellbeing she is skilled in change management and employee engagement.

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Guest Coaches


From time to time throughout the programme we will invite specialists from our network, who are committed to helping other business owners to succeed, to provide coaching on relevant topics.

How does the programme work?

Every month, for a whole year, we provide a regular structure of training and support activities, with the flexibility to respond to important things happening on the ground.

A monthly group session including:

Seminars & Workshops

Each month focuses on one key business topic with input from a specialist and group activities, planning & execution.


Peer Break-Outs

Your chance to share your objectives and achievements, give and receive feedback, and be supported and held accountable.


Hot Seat

In each session one group member has the opportunity to take the hot seat and get input from the collective wisdom of the group on an issue they are facing in their business.


Q&A With Experts

Our regular open Q&A sessions give you the opportunity to ask an expert consultant for advice on any business topic.

Plus in between sessions, support and tools to help you implement your growth plans

Members Toolbox

Seminar notes and related tools and templates to make business easier.


1:1 Support Call

A catch up and progress check to help with application and implementation.


Peer Review Team

Get more practical advice from your small group of peers and benefit from accountability.


Networking & Social Events

Expand your network and spend time getting to know the other members of the programme in a social setting.

Take Your Business
To The Next Level

When you join The SME Owners Programme, you’ll get access to expert performance consultants and the collective wisdom of like-minded Kiwi business owners who have faced similar issues to you.

You’ll belong to a supportive and trusted group of business leaders who are helping each other grow their businesses by taking consistent action.

We designed this group coaching programme to help Auckland & Waikato business owners navigate the ups and downs of the challenging and ever-changing business landscape.

I highly recommend Ross and the team at Growing Organisations. They’ve helped me make better business decisions that have grown our brand. They give insights and encourage me to focus in on key areas of growth and be intentional about our business’ direction and future.
Chris Lange
1st Class Gardens, Auckland
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“Our business development coaching deals with the realities of NZ business – in the Kiwi way – head-on, straight-talking, down-to-earth, and with genuine professional and peer support.”

Ross Wilson, Entrepreneur, Performance Coach, and MD at Growing Organisations

Why Choose Our Coaching Programme?

These sessions deal with the realities of NZ business with genuine professional and peer support.​ Reap the benefits of collective wisdom of the group.

 Practical business training topics

 Access to experienced & professional coaches

 Collaboration and support

 Feedback and accountability

 Fresh ideas and group problem-solving

 Cost-effective business coaching

 Group size limited to 20

 Members’ online resource centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible for funding?

We are registered suppliers with Regional Business Partners Network (RBPN). Get in touch with us to talk about whether your business might be eligible for funding.


Why a 12 month programme?

We have found that building a sustainable, successful business takes time and attention to many different aspects of the business.

This programme is intensive and requires rapid application and produces great results quickly. Even so, at least one year with 12 sessions is normally desirable.


What are the dates and times for the programme?

The programme runs on a monthly calendar, with the in-person session generally being held on the first Wednesday of the month from 9.30-12.30am at The Crate Co-working Space in Rosedale.

This is then followed by our Zoom Q&A session on the third Wednesday of the month from 9.30am-10.30am. You will also regularly meet informally with the others members of the programme in the final week of the month.

For a full calendar of our upcoming dates, please get in touch with us.


How long are the various sessions in the programme?

The monthly group in-person meeting is 3 hours (9.30am-12.30pm) with coffee and networking for 30 mins before and after. This includes a seminar presented by a subject matter expert, an application workshop facilitated by our Coaches, and a regular “informal” board meeting of peers for support and accountability – each section is approximately 1 hour.

Between each in-person meeting there is a one-hour online meeting for review and Q&A with a subject matter expert and our Coaches.

Additional time and energy should be allowed for planning and implementation every month.


Are there any pre-requisites for attending the programme?

The programme is designed for business owners and senior members of their team. Other than that, there are no pre-requisites for joining the programme.

However, in order to get the most out of joining us and to be a good fit in our community, you will identify with these descriptions:

  You have been in business for at least one year.
  You are based in or around the Auckland area.
  You value learning from others’ experiences.
  You’re keen to share your own experiences and lessons learnt.
  You have a vision for your business & welcome help to figure out the details.
  You’re driven and committed to taking consistent action.
  You understand the power of collaboration and support networks.
  You’re willing to be open and honest about your experiences.
  You have a genuine interest in helping others.


Is this 1:1 Coaching?

This is a group coaching programme with some individual attention included. 1:1 Business Development Coaching is offered as an optional add-on for a fee and will help with specific application and more speedy implementation of the learning in the programme.


Is this a “Networking Group”?

No, networking is a secondary purpose of this programme. There will be opportunities for you to network and do business with other members, but the primary purpose is learning, planning and implementation to grow the health and profitability of your business.


What are the Seminars and Workshops about?

Subjects for these elements of the programme will cover all of the essential elements of running a successful business in NZ, including:

  • Building a profitable and easy to run business that requires less of your attention.
  • Reaching and attracting the best customers for your business
  • Developing a high-performing team to take care of your customers and your business
  • Becoming a successful, free and financially secure entrepreneur


What are the “Pop-Up Workshops” about?

From time to time, when a particular need emerges, a half-day or one-day workshop or webinar will be offered. These provide opportunities to dig deeper, learn more and apply powerful strategies with more intensity.

(Charges may apply)


What if I can’t make it to every session?

We strongly recommend that you attend all sessions. However, if you can’t attend a session, you will be able to access the other elements of the month’s programme, along with the online resources for any missed session.


Can I send a substitute if I can’t make a session?

Yes. If it’s not possible for you to attend a session, you may send a staff member or business partner who will take the learning back to your business for implementation. For the integrity of the programme and the value to all members, we ask that you limit substitution to no more than 3 sessions in the 12-month programme.


How will the programme respond to COVID-19 or other social distancing requirements?

Of course, we will be compliant with Government directives and evaluate other voluntary recommendations. This may mean we should pivot to online meetings from time to time. If so, only the monthly in-person meeting will be affected. All other aspects of the programme are already compliant with Levels 3 and 4.


Can you guarantee results?

No, we can’t sorry. There are many factors in business success. However, with this programme, we have aimed to provide realistic, proven approaches to the most influential success factors. Your own choices and actions have the power to determine the actual results.


What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Please refer to our standard Terms of Trade, available here


Find out if the SME programme is a fit for my business?


Are you looking to…

Build a profitable and easy to run business that requires less of your attention?

Reach and attract the best customers for your business?

Develop a high-performing team to take care of your customers and your business?

Become a successful, free, and financially secure entrepreneur?

Talk to us and find out how this programme can help you achieve your business goals.


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