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Our values, our beliefs, our background, our feelings all determine how we perceive the world
It’s Not The Size Of Your Domain That Counts

A great leader once spoke to me of 'domains'. It’s not a word we use much today, unless we’re talking about the internet or the lovely green park in the centre of Auckland city. Every leader has a domain, he told me, and this is where he or ...

Are You Blue-Screening To Burnout?

If your colleagues all became more like you, would that be good for them? Most of us are in desperate need of some lifestyle changes if we want to not only have 'good' health but to flourish. What does good health mean to you? ...

Manage Your Expectations in 2018

“Bloody clouds. I didn’t come all the way to New Zealand for this!” she muttered.It was the very beginning of 2018 and we were in the sunniest place in New Zealand – the Abel Tasman National Park ...

Monitor Your Leadership Dashboard

Yesterday, I was meeting with an overseas colleague over Skype on my phone when my phone battery suddenly died and abruptly cut off our conversation. I had no way of charging it in that moment so I had to wait another hour to ...

The Potential Of Teams In Flow

Flow is one of the most basic yet critical elements of teamwork. Flow is the degree to which we feel we have enough challenging and meaningful work without becoming overloaded. It’s where productivity, energy, and performance are ...

Do Incentives Work For Sales Team Performance?

On a farm you’ll find water troughs, each with a ball cock that floats on the surface of the water and opens or closes the tap to control the flow of water into the trough. A well-functioning ball ....