Leadership Core: The Authentic Leader

Develop And Embed Authentic, Collective Leadership In Your Organisation

Programme Overview


This transformational programme examines the core or essence of a successful leadership team and builds alignment with everyday practices to enhance integrity and authority. We explore the key questions leaders must ask themselves and provide them with tools and strategies to explore challenges and enhance their personal effectiveness, integrity, and organisational performance.

Participants will explore the values, attitudes, and practices of the most successful leaders in history and learn skills, tools, and strategies to enhance their own personal effectiveness, integrity, and fulfillment:

  • Leadership essence & self-awareness – clarify and gain alignment with talents and values;
  • The leadership mind – challenge current thinking habits in today’s world;
  • Emotional intelligence, perception, and perspective to communicate and build trust with others;
  • Vision, purpose, and setting standards for high performance.

What Is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic leadership is an approach to leadership which focuses on being genuine, self-aware, and transparent. Integrity, ethics, fairness, and ‘doing the right thing’ are at the core of the authentic leadership philosophy.

According to an article published by Forbes magazine in 2013 titled “What is Authentic Leadership?” by Kevin Kruse,

“Authentic leaders are aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and emotions and they do not strive to conceal their limitations. They are morally upright and considerate of their employees and society. Their leadership skills correlate with the context and therefore they behave accordingly by balancing their emotional intelligence (EQ) with their Intelligence Quotient (IQ).”

Developing authentic leadership in both individual leaders and as a culture in your organisation leads to peak organisational performance and employee wellbeing for today and the future.

Key Outcomes of Our Authentic Leadership Programme

  Identify different leadership styles, and the benefits that authentic leadership can bring

  Tune into strengths, development needs, values and principles

 Change unproductive thinking habits

 Build resilience, optimism, and emotional intelligence

 Develop collective leadership practices for a higher performing organisation

 Practise better relational engagement to instil and maintain trust and cohesion

 Assess what drives behaviour, preferred communication styles, and the impact of these

 Set goals and objectives and manage business processes with more confidence

  Improve performance, engagement, fulfillment and ability to manage conflict


A Sneak Preview Of Key Modules

We offer customised programmes and modules to suit your specific requirements.


In order to become an authentic leader, you need to first achieve clarity about your inner self and then start showcasing the actual self through your actions. Self-awareness relates closely to the Ancient Greek idea of ‘knowing thyself’. It’s about understanding your own inner and outer qualities and how these relate to you as a leader. In this module participants will:

  • Develop self-awareness and the skill of self-reflection
  • Discover their unique strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style
  • Understand that ‘self’ is a multi-layered concept
  • Learn about their impact on other people and vice versa
  • Develop a continuous feedback, and development process
  • Explore and nurture their Internalised Moral Perspective


Authentic leadership is based on ‘balanced processing’ or temperance; in an environment where leaders remain emotionally balanced and in control of themselves. An effective authentic leader understands that his or her own ideas are responses to certain triggers, and that seeking multiple opinions can provide better understanding of an issue in question. In this module participants will:

  • Learn to think ‘grey, slow, or fast’ in the right situations
  • Challenge current thinking styles
  • Build optimism, resilience, and mental toughness
  • Develop emotional intelligence, perception and perspective
  • Recognise and solve complex and simple problems


When authentic leaders communicate and act, they do it honestly. There is relational transparency, with no room for hidden agendas or mind-games. Leaders seek to create an environment of trust in which everyone knows where he or she stands.

This programme delivers insightful understanding of challenges, confronts false assumptions, and enhances relevant and appropriate skills and abilities. It focusses sharply on several critical success factors in leadership effectiveness including:

  • Building trust and collaboration for better outcomes
  • Adopting different communication styles for different people
  • Presenting persuasively to groups
  • Persuading others with positive intent
  • Communicating ‘on purpose’ and hearing what people really say
  • Managing effective and productive meetings for results


In a busy and demanding workplace with many relationships pulling us in all directions, it’s important to be able to focus the attention and clarify the direction of our teams’ and employees’ energy and talent to elicit the best quality contribution.

This programme examines the different roles of successful leaders and provides a framework and skills to support and develop a leadership team:

  • Manage business process for performance
  • Lead teams for performance and fulfilment
  • Coach team members for individual contribution and engagement
  • Create focus and direction in others
  • Learn how to motivate others intrinsically and extrinsically
  • Set goals and objectives to measure progress
  • Adapt communication styles for different people
  • Create a culture of diversity with inclusivity

How We Work With You

Growing Organisations works with you and your team to discover, design, deliver, measure and support a custom-built solution for your organisation.


We work with you to find out development needs and define learning objectives. We do this using assessment tools and good old-fashioned conversations.


With the needs and objectives agreed upon, we put together a programme which is evaluated and tweaked in response to the needs of your people and organisation.


We are proud to work with qualified, experienced, and engaging facilitators and coaches who will seek to connect with individuals and ensure maximum value from the programme.


We work with you to measure and evaluate progress and results to ensure content is relevant and that objectives are being met.


We offer ‘scaffolding’ for all our programmes with consultancy, coaching labs, one-to-one coaching, online resources, and general support to you and each of the participants in the programme for genuine long-term development and ROI.

Good Leaders Are Authentic Leaders

A short interview with Bill George

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Person giving a single yellow flower to another person representing Sales Performance.

Sales Performance

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” — Jim Rohn

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Executive Consultancy

”There is nothing more important than getting the right people, in the right jobs, with the right development and high levels of engagement. Everything else – superior customer service, profitable growth, return on shareholder value and brand – happens from there.” — Roy Valee

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Team and Individual Effectiveness

“It’s wiser to find out than to suppose.” — Mark Twain

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Psychological Resilience

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” — Charles Darwin

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Coaching and Mentoring

“Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organisation.” — Noel Tichy

We offer custom-designed solutions based on your organisational needs

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