Team Dynamics is the first integrated leadership training system which links team performance to profitability, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

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Delivers results in productivity and profitability while aligning your team to the spirit and purpose at the heart of your organisation.

WHAT is Team Dynamics?

We each have an underlying talent that, when allowed to shine, produces extraordinary results.

Discover the conditions in which you perform at your best with effortless ease and learn how to empower and unlock the potential of those around you.

Team Dynamics is the number one business development pathway that empowers your business to grow its profit and productivity dramatically.

Use the Talent DynamicsTM profiling tool to measure and increase the trust and flow in your leaders and teams.

Equip yourself with specific personalised strategies of what to do and when to do it to build high performing, connected teams. Engaged people working in flow.

The Talent DynamicsTM assessments and tools are used by over 500,000 business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to find their natural path and the optimal fit for each of their team members.

Talent and Team Dynamics

“Of all the things I have done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.”

Walt Disney

WHY should you know your profile?

A common complaint we hear from business owners and leaders is that the members of their team don’t take enough ownership.

They wonder why they can’t find people who are as committed as they are and feel that the growth of their business is hindered because they have to do everything themselves.

Your personalised Talent DynamicsTM report will give you clear direction on how you naturally add value and gain trust, which leadership approach works for you, and who you need around you to support you and balance your team.

You will gain clarity on which advice and opportunities to take, leave, or delegate.

Your team reports will give you the insight you need to ensure everyone is committed and working in harmony; sharing the same vision, values, and goals and naturally adding more value to your business.

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Benefits of the Talent DynamicsTM Profiling Tool

Talent DynamicsTM is the world’s leading profiling tool for leaders to build trust and accelerate flow within their teams.

  Provides a practical business development pathway

  Clarifies your natural path to Flow, Trust, and Value

  Helps identify people to fit particular roles

 Shows when strengths become weaknesses

  Improves communication and understanding

  Leads to high productivity with personal fulfilment

What Are Others Saying?

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“With Team Dynamics you can leverage your strengths and those of your teams to increase the level of flow for more productivity, fulfillment, and trust.”

Ross Wilson, MD and Organisational Performance Consultant

WHO will benefit from Team Dynamics?

If you have a growing company and are looking to recruit and retain top talent in a competitive market, our team programmes will benefit you. Tap into the natural strengths of each person and create collaborative, committed, and aligned high performing teams. Starting with the leadership team, the Team Dynamics programme can be rolled out across the whole organisation for optimal results. We also offer the Talent DynamicsTM development tool as part of our executive coaching to individuals.

Case Study: USP Creative

Did you know?


According to a 10-year McKinsey study on flow and productivity, business owners who are working in flow are FIVE times more productive than those who aren’t.

Imagine what a 500% increase in productivity would mean for achieving your goals!

WHEN should you profile people?

Using this profiling tool can add value to your recruitment and retention strategy. It is extremely valuable during the hiring process to support interviews and find out if a person’s natural talents are a good fit for the role (and then guide and support them accordingly) ; when setting up a new project team to ensure tasks and responsibilities are distributed optimally; or as part of a talent-centric team re-organisation or development programme. It’s also excellent for succession and exit strategy planning.


HOW does the process work?

As well as self-awareness and understanding, Team Dynamics provides clear strategies and actions for individuals and teams to take based on their natural strengths in order to achieve their desired goals.

To guarantee best results we recommend starting with your leaders – coaching them to understand their own natural strengths and talents and how they can add greater value. Then you can turn your focus to your teams and, through workshops, coaching, and strategic planning, help everyone understand how they and the people around them can get into flow and work together to leverage their value, build trust, and substantially increase productivity.

Do you want to build high performing collaborative teams?

Get your 46-page e-guide to find out …


  What is Talent Dynamics?

  How can it transform you & your teams?

  2x client success stories

  The five frequencies that get us into flow

  The five aspects of vision to gain clarity

  An overview of each profile & how they add value

  The seven truths

  Bonus: 20% discount code

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What will you discover?

  Your Talent Dynamics primary and secondary profiles

  Your natural strengths & challenges

  What gets you into flow and what doesn’t

  The best and worst activities for you in the workplace

  The best ways for you to communicate

  The best ways for you to lead each of the 8 profiles

  Role models who share your profile that you can learn from

  How to apply the information and create value and trust

  Where to direct your own career choices

  How to move people (and yourself) into their ideal roles

  How to create the ideal, high-functioning team

  Who should be on your leadership team

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What Makes Team Dynamics Different?

Most employees have been through the experience of taking psychometric assessments of one kind or another.

The Talent DynamicsTM profile can often be combined with your current tests (which may focus on personality or behaviour) and goes much deeper, providing a practical business development pathway.

As well as being intuitive and easy to follow, Talent Dynamics is unique in the following ways:

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Tailored to Trust

Talent Dynamics doesn’t put you in a box, but highlights a formula and path specifically for you to grow trust, with modern role models to follow.

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Linked to Flow

It links each profile to a set of strategies that, when followed, leads us to our ‘flow’ state. Rather than each profile being a box to sit in, each is a game to be played and mastered.

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Synchronised to Time

A unique facet of Talent Dynamics is the link of the eight profiles to the seasons of time, so we can see not only who should do what, but when they should do it and when they shouldn’t.

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Linked to Team Spirit

Talent Dynamics links to your team purpose and your company mission. It promotes understanding and collaboration, productivity, and fulfilment.

Build Trust

Trust is a measurement of how much value you bring to the table in your business and career. If a consumer has trust in your company and the product or service that you deliver, then you will continue to have a secure place in the market over time. This easily translates to increases in your revenue – as the higher the trust, the more sales are made.

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Join more than 500,000 leaders who are following their flow with Talent and Team Dynamics


Whether you’d like to start with a single profile test and individual debrief (1.5-hours by Skype or in person with a trained consultant), or you are looking to step onto the Team Dynamics business development pathway to increase productivity and fulfilment in your organisation, send us your questions and requirements and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Team Dynamics is the first integrated leadership training system which links team performance to profitability, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

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